• Picture of P9000 Lite Leather Case
  • Picture of P9000 Lite Leather Case

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P9000 Lite Leather Case
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                                                                 P9000 Lite Smart View Window Flip Leather Case

                                                                 Smart View Window Function
                                                                 Ability to view the date, time, accept/reject calls through the display window

                                                                 Beyond Covered
                                                                 Our new Flip Cover doubles as a StyleSwap cover, so it isn’t just on your phone - it’s part of your phone. The fit is extremely secure and sleek
                                                                 for an incredibly unified design. Don’t think of it as just a cover; think of it as a whole new phone.



                                                                 Additional Information
                                                                 Dimensions:151 x 79 x 13mm